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Natural Mag

Natural Mag

PriceFrom $36.00
When natural mag is used,  the body can utilize functional magnesium (magnesium in its natural state) along with all the inherent other minerals all in balance. Clients who use Natural Mag find they have less body aches and more relaxed muscles as a result, and they don’t suffer from the ‘loose stool’ scenario other magnesium products create. Many of the culinary herbs such as Spirulina, Basil Leaf, Celery Root, Fennel Seed, Japanese Chlorella, and Stinging Nettle are all magnesium-rich herbs, and they combine into a great tasting formula.
  • Purchase Acknowledgement

    These products are microdosed herbal supplements. To purchase these products you must be a current, active patient. Every order will be reviewed and filled by Dr. Tina at her discretion in accordance with her recommendations from your most recent appointment.

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