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Seven Stepping Stones of Wellness

Without a clearly defined path, it’s easy to get lost. Good health requires that we integrate all Seven Stepping Stones in our plan of action. And when we say “we,” we really do mean all of us – not just the staff of Abundant Life Wellness Center, but also yourself, as you are the steward of your body and mind.
When we look at the Seven Stepping Stones, we see they were developed after working with hundreds upon hundreds of people seeking guidance on true holistic wellness. We see, every day, that people are tired of covering up their symptoms with quick ‘fixes’ that often come with big side effects. We also observe that people who are seeking more natural solutions are often frustrated by the sheer amount of information available – how are they to possibly know what applies to their unique situation?
If you’re looking to effectively address your problems at the level of cause, you must have a research-based, customized, and organized plan – the Seven Stepping Stones.

The path must be walked, in some way, every day. And it is important to note that you cannot work towards wellness by skipping stones – each point in the path is pivotal. If you ignore stones you don’t like, you will inevitably get pointed in the wrong direction altogether. And yet the beauty of the Stepping Stones is that, once you are educated on them, you can always return to the path if you find yourself going astray.

Walk with us. Let’s begin with the first step, shall we?

Image by Alexandr Podvalny

Food was created to be our medicine. Modern farming practices, GMO's, and processed foods have greatly decreased the health benefits of the foods we consume. It is important to eat organic, pure nutrient dense foods like our ancestors did! When you embrace this lifestyle and begin to transform your life with these healthy foods , you will see and feel the difference! 

Glasses of Water

Hydration is key to our health. The number of people who are chronically dehydrated is staggering. 

A good rule of thumb is half your body weight in ounces everyday of good, pure, mineral rich water. 

We recommend having a home filtration system if possible and never drinking or bathe in tap water. 

Adding citrus oils to your water will increase their hydration effects! 

Beach Chairs

The body has a daily 2 phase cycle. Daytime active phase and nighttime healing phase. Honoring these cycles is crucial to our health and wellbeing. Our bodies need proper sleep, 6 - 9 hours of uninterrupted, electronic free sleep. Rest enables rebuilding, regenerating, and repairing of the body. With our proper rest our bodies cannot heal as God intended.

Image by Brett Jordan
Faith In God

Studies show a remarkable difference in the health of people with a strong belief system. In fact, many studies have been done in Indigenous people and research shows that their strong belief system as=ided in theri health vitality. 

Experts say that 99% of all illness is due to an emotional conflict or prolonged stress. 

Try to resolve conflict in the day it happens. Pray, meditate, and surrender!

"A merry heart doeth good like a medicine, but a broken spirit dries up the bones." Prov, 17:22

Image by Daily Nouri

The body has a natural detoxification process. We only need to assist it with whole, nutrient dense foods and whole food supplements so that it has everything it needs to work the way it was created to! 

We should expect the colon to eliminate daily. Along with proper diet and supplements, exercise like walking, rebounding or vibration therapy and hydration are essential to creating happy kidneys and liver.

Image by Bruno Nascimento

Not everyone's favorite thing to discuss, but when done properly, exercise does not have to be daunting. A minimum of 30 minutes a day, everyday for life. Sound difficult? Just moving a little each day can make a world of difference. Again, this does not have to be aerobic exercise. Simply walking, rebounding or using a vibrawav or similar vibration therapy will have a lasting impact on your health! 

Reaching Out to the Sun
Sunshine and Outdoors

Shoot for at least 20 minutes a day of sunshine. If you live in the North like I do, that can be difficult in the winter months. Vitamin D-lite therapy and taking a good vitamin D as well as cod liver oil can help. 

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