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Image by Brittany Neale

My Daily Regimen

Ok, if I have been asked once, I have been asked 1000 times, "What do you take on a regular basis?"

I created this page to give you a look at what I think is important for every day in the majority of people, and what I add for my personal benefit. Please, feel free to use and adapt for yourself. Just remember - sourcing is everything. Do not throw your money away with supplements that are full of fillers, have no potency or worse - can harm you because it is not grown pure and is full of chemicals or sourced in a lab.

My vitamins are all whole food sourced and have been vetted out with great scrutiny! 

I literally take 2  to 3 mins and make my drinks in the morning and 30 seconds to take my probiotic at night. 

My Daily Morning Drink:

8 oz spring water

1 to 2 tsp greens (or 4 capsules when out of powder)

1 heaping scoop M3 Ultimate Nitric Oxide

1 tsp New Human Total B

1 tsp New Human MHB 23 (Master Cell Rejuvenator)

1/4 tsp whole food vitamin C powder

1 TBL Crucial Four Collagen

I full dropper Inner Vitality or Energy Boost Minerals

1 dropper New Human adaptogenix 

I take 10 drops New Human Hi-D under tongue

All Day Drink:

About 36 oz ice water

4 oz Ningxia

1 tsp Sulfurzyme

7ish drops of Lime oil


250 billion cfu probiotic

Daily Capsules:

Royal Cod liver oil capsules - taken with biggest meal!.

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