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Divine Destiny Collection

Divine Destiny Collection


The Divine Destiny™ Collection is a trio of essential oil blends created to work synergistically as an aromatic companion to your self-development journey of discovery and enlightenment.


The Divine Destiny Collection features three essential oil blends designed to be layered and applied topically: Daily Divine™, I Am Blessed™, and I Am Creative™. The essential oil blends in this collection are formulated to help heighten spiritual awareness and empower your inner self by blocking out distractions, words, and programing that keep you from discovering the truth of who you are.


Each essential oil carries distinct aromatic notes—like the keys on a piano—that when combined, create a harmonic chord. As you layer the three essential oil blends in this collection, take note of how they interact with each other and with your body, mind, and soul to create a harmonious energy bringing light and balance to soothe your emotions, disposition, and outlook in a positive and unique way.

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