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Natural Sleep (1 fl oz)

Natural Sleep (1 fl oz)

Because sleep is so vital for tissue repair at night, getting to sleep and keeping from it being fitful is important—especially when a person is overly tired. They say, ‘tired but wired.’ Turn off the computer and TV early in the evening. Prepare for the nighttime routine by 9 p.m. Take a soak, or listen to calming music. But when your client needs more support, consider the Natural Sleep Herbal blend for sustained sleep at night. This herbal complex is designed to synergistically support mental relaxation, taking advantage of American Skullcap, Catnip Leaf, Hops Flowers, and Chamomile Flower. If needed, you can add extra Valerian as a body de-stressor. DO NOT TAKE AND THEN OPERATE MACHINERY.
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    These products are microdosed herbal supplements. To purchase these products you must be a current, active patient. Every order will be reviewed and filled by Dr. Tina at her discretion in accordance with her recommendations from your most recent appointment.

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