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Hi-D (1 fl oz)

Hi-D (1 fl oz)

We offer the Hi-D product that is suitable even for vegans. Some vitamin D products have been on the market for years, but these have typically been synthetic or made from ingredients we would not choose to put in our products, such as sheep’s wool/lanolin. We source the Agaricus bisporus mushrooms. Like most mushrooms, Agaricus bisporus mushrooms are considered a functional food with a broad range of benefits. They are rich in bioactive compounds, including amino acids, fatty acids, beta-glucan, and various antioxidants. This combination makes them useful for maintaining cellular health, immunity, and metabolism along with the benefits of naturally occurring vitamin D. Researchers have found that mushrooms respond to light in the same way humans do, by converting the sun’s rays into Vitamin D. Mushrooms have a natural level of Vitamin D. When exposed to sunlight, they synthesize Vitamin D even more. These mushrooms also contain chemicals called chitin and lovastatin, which have cholesterol-lowering effects. Hi-D along with Grass-fed butter supports the Keratin layer of tissue protection.
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