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Daily DTOX ICD (1fl oz)

Daily DTOX ICD (1fl oz)

Product Description:The onslaught of daily toxicity is particularly of concern especially when clients are not eating properly. The ‘on-the-go’ diets, or pre-packaged, and restaurant meals are notoriously low on the essential fatty acids, mineral balance, and they contain high amounts of both sugar and salt (sodium chloride). Daily DTOX supports the natural function of cell cleansing at an intracellular level. DTOXification is more than just herbs. One of the better ways also is to support a OMAD (one meal a day) format of limiting a food intake window to 8 or 6 hours) so that the body doesn’t have to spend time digesting.  Drinking adequate levels of appropriate water is vital. The ICD side means Intercellular Drainage within the cell walls.
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    These products are microdosed herbal supplements. To purchase these products you must be a current, active patient. Every order will be reviewed and filled by Dr. Tina at her discretion in accordance with her recommendations from your most recent appointment.

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