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Upcoming Events

Healing Weekend with Dr. David Lee

Friday October 15th & Saturday October 16th


We will be offering the following services during this special weekend of healing:

1. SpectraVision 
    Medical grade Bio Feedback/ Bio Resonance Scans
2. Brain mapping 
      qEEG/ Neurofeedback
3. Cardiovascular scans
4. Private body balancing 
     with laser, precursor, and adjustor instruments
5. Emotional clearing with Dr. Lee

Are you ready to change your life?


So let’s break down the details for you all:

SpectraVision - A medical grade biofeedback device that gives us the tools we need to formulate your own laser imprinted homeopathic tincture specific to your body’s needs. 

Cost - $199

Brain Mapping - A groundbreaking approach incorporating state-of-the-art technology and science, utilizing neurofeedback to improve the quality of your brain cells. This is often the missing dynamic in our health protocols.
Cost - $199

Cardio Vascular Scans – See what your cardio vascular health is really like with our cutting edge technology.
Cost - $75

Gold Package- Includes: Brain Mapping, SpectraVision, Cardio Scan, and Consultations ONLY $399

Emotional Clearing and Body Balancing - Both include private time with Dr. Lee to discuss lifestyle issues like diet, nutrition, weight, hormones, emotions, longevity and heart health. You will receive Health coaching, covering any question /answers about any health concerns as well as your choice of Emotional Clearing w/ laser technology (helps to release emotional blockings that may be holding you and your health back) or body balancing with laser, precursor, and adjustor instruments (encourages optimal structural and spinal health).

Cost – Choose one or both - $99 each

Spots are filling up fast! Call us @ 716-572-2232 to book your appointment!

Please note: We pay Dr. Lee in advance, so appointments are only booked and confirmed with payment, and are nonrefundable, but are transferrable. 
Thank you for your understanding on this matter!

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