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A healing touch for mind, body and spirit


At Back To Our Roots we take the time necessary to listen and learn about each patient so that we can establish a partnership and cultivate a relationship of mutual trust and understanding. Together we can improve quality of life and lifespan.


We believe in the holistic approach to health and wellness. This includes all aspects of health... mind, body, and spirit. This is synergistic, all components working together. We look at each patient’s unique biochemistry and focus more on the underlying cause or root of your health concern, not just your symptoms. We believe in the body's innate ability to heal itself.

There are many things that contribute to your overall state of health: these include genetic, environmental, stress and other lifestyle factors. We believe God created everything we need to heal our minds, bodies, and, of course, our spirit. Our goal is to educate and guide our patients as they explore natural methods their bodies need to detoxify, rest, rebuild and find balance. 

Our staff utilizes cutting edge technologies like SpectraVision, Brain Mapping, AmpCoil, and Clear Mind Brain Retraining as well as many modalities like Raindrop treatments, Ionic detoxing footbaths, Vibrawav, light therapy and more to help bring your body into alignment and ultimate health patterns. We offer physician grade all natural supplements, pure essential oils, wellness coaching and food plans along with other natural remedies to achieve these goals.

We are merely facilitators of good things.



Walk In Hours

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday

9 AM - 4:30 PM

Monday, Friday, Saturday by appointment only.

Sunday - CLOSED



Healthy Lifestyle Classes
- Last Monday of each month

  6:00 P.M.

8 Main Street

Salamanca, NY 14779


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